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Absolute English

Absolute English

As the term indicates it is an absolute transformational course that makes your potential strong enough in the field of English communication. It empowers you to utislise extremely effective demonstrative skills to leave unforgettable impact on others. When it comes to official correspondence like letter-writing, report-writing and e-mails, etc., your performance will be highly admirable and will bring effective results. Intensive Understanding of English Newspaper will be your asset to show intelligence to the world. Accurate and suitable vocabulary usage will be your identity to the masses.

The Course Contents -

Grammar Fundamentals
Basic Sentence Making
Everyday Dialogues in English
Basic Understanding of English Newspaper
Interview Handling
Role plays
Group Discussions and Debates
Writing Skills
Moderate Understanding of English Newspaper
Complex Sentences
Demonstrative Skills
Official Correspondence
Vocabulary Enhancement
Customised Professional Language
Intensive Understanding of English Newspaper
Introduction to Accent

3 Trial Classes Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes

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